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Supporting Craft Spirits and Local products

The Distillery began production in early 2015.  All of our products are manufactured in our distillery from fermentation to bottle and always have been. We do not buy spirits and blend or redistill, everything you find in our distillery was hand made with pride here in San Diego.

We have collaborated with and produced for several craft spirits brands.  We have worked on private label projects and can produce small batch specialty products. In 2017 we completed acquisition of several products that we had been manufacturing since 2015 and have launched our Mackay brand of craft spirits with the opening of our Tasting/Event and Educational space. We are very excited to now have the capacity in the Distillery to provide an intimate immersive experience where guests can taste and learn about craft distillation while enjoying the quality products we produce.

We do our best to source and collaborate locally, several of our products use local ingredients and we use locally sourced spring water in our products. We use fresh ingredients in our products and also grow our own. We are currently growing Carolina Reaper peppers for our Mackay Vodka Infusion. Fresh pepper pods were not available so we grew our own!